Sunday, January 15, 2012

Third Secret of Fatima

I can now reveal the third secret of Fatima and also why it has not been properly published up to now.

As we know, that secret was not intended for immediate release in 1917, and, over the century since then, people have been desperately trying to fathom it. Even the Holy See was literally at sea in this matter.

Its revelation was so long coming that it was assumed to fortell the end of the world. And, of course, no self respecting religion or cult these days lacks such a prediction.

As it turns out, the secret is even more dramatic than that. But before we get to the substance, we have to wonder why was it not revealed before now. Well, deities are a cunning crowd and their mothers are even worse.

The secret was QR encoded, and this ensured that it would not be revealed until this complex barcode formatting was adopted in this valley of tears. I suspect we may have been a bit slower getting there than the Good Lord intended, but no matter. We're there now.

The secret in the original form in which it was delivered in Fatima is reproduced above.

To decode it, all you need to do is the following:

[Update 2021: Technology has advanced even further since this post was written. Now, if you have a QR app on your camera all you need to do is point the camera at the QR code. Otherwise follow the original instructions below.]
  1. copy the following url onto your clipboard. It is the address of the image above.

  2. click on the image at the top of this post. That will take you to an online QR decoder.

  3. paste the url from the clipboard into the url field in the decoder and press START. The content will then appear in the box after processing.

Laudetur etc.

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