Friday, August 19, 2011

Buddy can you spare a dime?

Is the imminent bankruptcy of the Dublin Archdiocese obliging Archbishop Martin to flog posters of the Pope to raise funds for next year's Eucharistic Congress?

The posters will be left-overs from World Youth Day currently in progress in Madrid. This version welcomes the Pope in Spanish. As he is unlikely to have the nerve to show his holy face in Dublin next year, that is just as well, and the Church, in its wisdom, can translate the Spanish in an appropriately infallible (I almost wrote ineffable!) manner for its Irish flock.

Many a mickle makes a muckle

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Benny the Bridgebuilder said...

Please note that I did not mention Fr. Vincent Twomey in this post, lest he be encouraged to persuade his former mentor to grace these green shores next year.

Given his standing with the Vatican he might just succeed.

And then where would we be?