Sunday, January 24, 2010

Infallible Blogging

Vatican City

The Pope has told priests to use modern communications in their ministry. He specifically mentions blogs. The report says that the Pope himself is not known to love computers or the internet, and suggests that he will be leaving all this stuff to the younger fry.

Meanwhile his spokesman has cautioned against people taking all this social networking stuff too far and letting Christ be crowded out, so to speak.

So we're getting the good cop, bad cop treatment, however subtly.

As far back as 1965 Cardinal Suenens was making the same point in the cutting edge publication of his day "The Word", sadly recently deceased - the publication, that is. The Cardinal has been gone this long while.

Karen has recalled his advice in a recent posting.

I wonder if I should reveal to the Pope that he already has a blog himself and that you are now reading it.

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